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Innovative Banking Software Solutions

Banks and financial institutions are trying to cover unexposed areas and maximise profitability whilst minimising costs by using efficient software solutions. This is where the innovative banking and financial software solutions, ICS BANKS®, comes with cutting-edge technologies and holistic digitalised architecture, where banks and financial institutions can have a perfect customer experience across their business areas.

Universal Banking

A powerful, fully-integrated, and holistic banking software solution developed by ICSFS covering all aspects of online banking and transactional activity, with a demonstrated track record of driving business agility and opportunity generation.

Islamic Banking

ICSFS is amongst the market pioneers in the Islamic Banking Industry, with it’s award-winning, customer-centric, and streamlined fully-modular functionalities built on cutting-edge technology offering unprecedented market advantage.

Digital Banking

An all-encompassing fully-digitised architecture, offering features such as Open Banking and Open APIs, Blockchain, Chatbots, AI & Robotics, Smart Contracts, Cardless Payments, Origination and Digital Onboarding, and Mobile Banking; to name a few.


ICS Financial Systems Ltd. (ICSFS) is a leading provider of modern banking and financial technology, powered by a solid, agile, and digital banking platform as part of its DNA. ICSFS has been servicing the financial and banking industry for many decades, launching innovative products through its ICS BANKS® banking software solutions that are constructed on a secured and seamless integration.

A Holistic Synergy
of Banking Enterprise Software Solutions


Your Digital Transformation

Synergy at the Essence

With it's Open Banking Platform, ICS BANKS® can easily and effortlessly integrate with almost any existing third-party systems and engines you are already using.

Agility in Action

The cutting edge Service-Oriented-Architecture on which ICS BANKS® Is built with limitless flexibility, enables it to be deployed on-premises, on cloud, or hybrid.

Unleashing Growth

Boost your success by offering your customers reliable and innovative technologies, such as Cloud Banking, Open Banking, and Blockchain Technology.



ICSFS uses innovative technologies at the core of all of its software solutions; developing first-class, dynamic, and future-proofed banking and financial products that could keep pace with latest market trends and direction.

Each ICS BANKS® Product is built from the ground up to be remarkably modular, secure, and agile, ensuring your business continuity and ability to expand vertically, horizontally, or both, without hassle.