ICS BANKS® Dynamic Advices Builder

An Agile Development Framework

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Design & Customise Your Advices with ease!

The process of requesting a new advice creation from any traditional reporting tool would be costly, time-consuming, Labour intensive, and may lead to expensive maintenance for the bank. 

ICS BANKS® Dynamic Advices Builder has great flexibility that reduces the significant cost and time for banks.

The system enables the bank to design and customise their own advice easily by using their preferred web browser or familiar desktop tools gripping the data needed from any ICS BANKS® system, such as ICS BANKS® Core Banking, Trade Finance, Investment and Treasury, and many more. Moreover, the bank can customise advices according to their needs in an easier and faster way.

ICS BANKS® also covers the following lending and supplementary modules:

  • Retail & Corporate Loans
  • Promissory Notes (including Discounted Bills Management Module and HirePurchase Module)
  • Local Bills for Collection Module
  • Advanced Salary Service
  • Overdraft Management
  • Retail Purchase Module
  • Microfinance Module
  • Syndicated Loans Module
  • Installment Loans Module
  • Finance Leasing
Integrated with ICS BANKS®
Internet Banking System (IBS) and ICS BANKS® Business Process Management (BPM)




Complete Cloud-Native & Cloud-Agnostic Platform

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Banking Products

Open Banking
Open APIs Architecture

Unification of all Digital Systems Omnichannel Experience

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Automated Processes & Robotics, Hence Time & Money Savings with High Accuracy


ICSFS uses innovative technologies in the core of its products, develops first-class, dynamic, and future-proofed banking and financial products for new business trends. 

ICS BANKS® products come with high security, scalability, and flexibility.

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Enriched Customer
Service and Experience

Continuous Technological

High Security, Scalability,
& Flexibility

Increase Profitability
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Concurrent Technological Advancements Deployment

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Vast Business Coverage to assist the Full Cycle of any Banking Sector