The First and Only Digital Bank in Iraq to Partner with ICSFS

February, 2022

First Iraqi Bank (FIB) is literally the first Iraqi bank to make digital banking a reality for the Iraqi people. The bank empowers its customers by guiding them into tomorrow, today. FIB customers can open a fully licensed bank account from their mobile phone in under 5 minutes, for free. Use the FIB mobile application to make and receive payments online and in person, send money locally and internationally, and much more.

ICS Financial Systems was chosen for:

The implementation of the ICS BANKS Digital Banking solution took less than four months, and the teams of FIB and ICSFS achieved an astounding and seamless performance in reaching this milestone.

First Iraqi Bank customers are now enjoying innovative, convenient, secured, and affordable banking services that are:

Open a full bank account, licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq, from your mobile phone, in less than 5 minutes. All you need is a mobile phone and an ID.

Manage your money from your phone. Make payments online and in person.  Purchase digital products online. Send and receive money within Iraq instantly. Receive your salary in seconds.

Withdraw your cash and have it delivered to your door with the tap of a button.

Track your spending in real time. Keep your money safe.

No hidden charges. No account opening fees. No monthly fees. Full transparency.

Set up terminal accounts for your business within the app, allowing your employees to act as PoS terminals for your business to accept payments and provide limited cash services, without having access to sensitive banking features.

Create a Moneybox in order to put your money aside and help you save.

By offering FIB services, users will be able to see your store within their FIB app. Increase your footfall, revenue, and exposure.

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