ICS BANKS® Investment Banking


your Investment Banking Operations

ICSFS provides a powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-use investment banking software solution, which offers all financial, transactional, processing and reporting needs and is fully compliant with all financial instruments and international accounting standards.

ICS BANKS Investment Banking is a flexible software that can accommodate the requirements of any business in the financial services industry, where it can be customised to every institution’s specific needs and practices. ICSFS provides you with fully integrated, off-the-shelf products, with the value-added capabilities of tailoring any product to consider local and country specific requirements. With our investment system,

Delivering a successful Investment Banking Digital Transformation

The Investment Banking software suite offers an essential, STP & end-to-end, event-driven processing for a wide range of asset classes including securities, equities and derivatives. Its innovative collection of functions and features can boost your banks’ productivity through high performance, real-time trade transactions, multi-lingual, multi-markets, multi-currency functions, and embedded workflow environment that increases operational efficiency.

Banks have the opportunity to be market leaders through its open APIs & microservices, comprehensive touchpoints and omnichannels capabilities, digital BPM and AI facilities, and most importantly, its holistic digitalised architecture.

Key Features

as a Core Function

Reduced Total
Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Dynamic Products
for New Business Trends

Concurrent Technological Advancements Deployment


Regulator Technology
(RegTech) Solutions

Open Banking
Open APIs Architecture

Improved Efficiency
to Drive Business Agility

Unification of all Digital Systems Omnichannel Experience

Profiling Customer Social Engagement

Increase Customer’s

Complete Cloud Platforms
Cloud available

Digital Banking Products

Vast Business Coverage to assist the Full Cycle of any Banking Sector

Automated Processes & Robotics, Hence Time & Money Savings with High Accuracy

Delivering More

Enriched Customer
Service and Experience

Increase Profitability
& Reduce Revenue Leakage

Business Agility to Drive
Productivity & Efficiency

High Security, Scalability,
& Flexibility



ICSFS uses innovative technologies at the core of all of its software solutions; developing first-class, dynamic, and future-proofed banking and financial products that could keep pace with latest market trends and direction.

Each ICS BANKS® Product is built from the ground up to be remarkably modular, secure, and agile, ensuring your business continuity and ability to expand vertically, horizontally, or both, without hassle.

Key Benefits

Flexible, fully-integrated code structure and design allowing complete data inclusion

Omnichannel KYC with inclusive touchpoints for a better customer experience

Versatile reporting tools allowing better compliance and performance tracking

Scalable, Up-to-date, Technologically advanced, and ahead of market trends

Advanced data architecture allowing for clear real-time flow of information

Immaculate multi-bank and multi-entity features with seamless switching

Innovative, out-of-the-box solutions with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Real financial clarity and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)