ICS BANKS® Core Banking

The Most Powerful Transaction Processing Engine

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The Richest Suite

of Extended Functionality

The ICS BANKS® Core Banking software solution provides the richest possible suite of extended functionalities, servicing all types of banks and financial institutions; from retail, corporate and universal, to agency, finance leasing and Microfinance banking. Its open architecture covers a huge array of agile core, security control, data processing, data interfaces, built-in and comprehensive reporting system, automated and real-time business processing, and value-added capabilities of tailoring products on-premises, hybrid, or cloud. The design of ICS BANKS® Core Banking provides faster and easy-to-use software, insuring real STP, that can easily and quickly interface with any third-party applications.




Complete Cloud-Native & Cloud-Agnostic Platform

Delivering More

Future-Proofed Digital
Banking Products

Open Banking
Open APIs Architecture

Unification of all Digital Systems Omnichannel Experience

Business Agility to Drive
Productivity & Efficiency

Profiling Customer Social Engagement

Automated Processes & Robotics, Hence Time & Money Savings with High Accuracy


ICSFS uses innovative technologies in the core of its products, develops first-class, dynamic, and future-proofed banking and financial products for new business trends. 

ICS BANKS® products come with high security, scalability, and flexibility.

Core Competencies

as a Core Function

Improved Efficiency
to Drive Business Agility

Increase Customer’s

Enriched Customer
Service and Experience

Continuous Technological

High Security, Scalability,
& Flexibility

Increase Profitability
& Reduce Revenue Leakage

Concurrent Technological Advancements Deployment

Product Building

Vast Business Coverage to assist the Full Cycle of any Banking Sector