ICS BANKS® Notification System

Real-time updates for excellent client relations

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Real-time updates
for excellent client relations

The bank can perform specific/bulk notifications or define special notifications that are displayed for the teller once the accounts or customer number are keyed in the system.

With the systems’ flexible parameters, the bank can personalise the notifications to specific customers according to specific conditions, and create automatic notifications according to its customers’ needs.

The system provides the bank with the facility to activate or deactivate specific notifications concerning a customer or an account. The system provides also the bank with the facility to activate or deactivate email and SMS services for each defined notification.

By deploying this system, the bank will build customer centricity and receive higher customer satisfaction.




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ICSFS uses innovative technologies in the core of its products, develops first-class, dynamic, and future-proofed banking and financial products for new business trends. 

ICS BANKS® products come with high security, scalability, and flexibility.

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