Ever since digital disruption started, ICSFS embraced business agility as a primary core driver in providing its customers with real value to this global competitive market.ICSFS believes to be truly digital, a bank must reengineer the way it does business, creating a new strategy of digitalising its business model. A bank must first face growing competition from fintech start-ups and tech giants, with endless disruptive innovation.

ICSFS has foresight to capitalise on digital banking future, as it is recognised by many official independent bodies for its excellence, progressiveness and innovation within banking and financial sector. Find out more

Today, the Islamic banking software industry is truly global, and ICSFS is bridging technology gaps with a strong IT solution to address market segments and business needs.

ICSFS addresses the financial services market demands, which include growing demand for Shari’a-compliant (Interest Free) products, innovation and leadership, demand for increased productivity, maximised profitability, global competition, accelerated demands for new services for customers, new Islamic and international business trends, enhanced Risk Management and Compliance and improving time to market. Find out more

Having a comprehensive banking solution is a must to be able to run a Universal banking business with innovative and the best-in-class technologies. Our ICS BANKS software provides you with a pleasant modular menu to choose from, and create your own tasteful and favourite system.

By implementing ICS BANKS Universal Banking Software Suite, banks and financial institutions will be able to generate new opportunities to enhance market advantage over competitors, and exploit the software’s utmost key benefits that are significant and reliable to generate a better customer experience ecosystem. Find out more

ICSFS ensures that its products are of the highest possible quality and at the lowest possible risk. Our products are easy to integrate, use and feature-focused. Our products are designed to meet current and future financial industry standards of any organization, regardless of size, technical requirements, or organizational structure. 

AI, Open Banking and many other technological innovation platforms make our customers future-proof and allow them to open arms to innovation and be a pioneer. ICSFS offers real financial clarity and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Whether you are looking to maximise your profitability or cutting your operational costs, our solutions will provide you with maximum financial efficiency. Find out more

To meet ongoing information processing innovation and management challenges facing banking and finance industry today, you need the right partner with whom to drive innovation, generate new opportunities and create market advantages over competitors in the field.

Our customers are our partners, ICS BANKS is designed with efficient scalability feature to support our partner’s growth and lead them through a successful lifetime business.Find out how ICS BANKS has won over other international banking software providers, and how it is differentiated. Discover more about ICS BANKS customer success and how we enhance services, operations and support business continuity. Find out more

Learn how banks and financial institutions should embrace digital technologies and fully leverage customer experience and proactively roll-out new products.

ICSFS guides you into working with this everlasting disruption, how to enhance your customer's banking experience, benefit from new technologies such as Blockchain, drive success on Cloud, and how to accelerate today to protect and expand market share in the age of fintech companies, and the era of financial inclusion.

Simply...how to transform through technology. Find out more

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