ICS BANKS Digital Banking

Digital transformation has been hunting banks ever since the creation of fintech and tech giants’ digital disruption started imposing changes, and new platforms of doing business. Banks are now obliged to embrace digital technologies and fully leverage the changes and opportunities to facilitate the demands of their customers, proactively roll out new products, and hence nurture and strengthen customer centricity.


Digital banking is the key pillar of any bank’s strategic evolution in today’s rapidly evolving digital age and competitive environment.

At ICS Financial Systems (ICSFS), digital banking is understood as the virtual process of digitalising traditional and modern banking activities through the application of new technologies that ensure end-to-end processing of financial transactions.
ICSFS witnessed its customers’ transformation from traditional banking to first adopters of online and mobile banking, to modernising core banking and finally to establishing and becoming a true digital bank.

To accommodate banks with today’s digital disruption, ICSFS built its ICS BANKS Digital Banking software suite’s architecture with comprehensive out-of-the-box, fully integrated Digital Banking products via a variety of delivery channels, based on a powerful omnichannel architecture. These delivery channels stretch from standard services to many transactional-based ones. As an example, Letter of credit activities can be initiated from the internet banking, and loans instalment settlements can be done from the Kiosks. This revolutionary product is a bundle of state-of-the-art technologies including, but not limited to, open banking and APIs, online registration, two factor authentications, use of biometric devices for user recognition, BPM features and many more.

ICS BANKS® Digital Banking products:

• Digital Branch

• Mobile/ Tablet Banking (Retail & Corporate)

• Internet Banking System (Retail & Corporate)

• Corporate Cash Management System

• SMS Banking (Real-Time)

• ATM/POS & Kiosks

• Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

• E-Statements

• Wearable Banking (Apple and Android Watch)

• Blockchain Adapter

• Digital Requests

• Bank agent channels

• Open API integration with a third party


For further information about ICS BANKS Digital Banking, please do not hesitate to contact us at contactus@icsfs.com

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