ICS BANKS Digital Banking

During the last decade, banks are expanding business to cover unexposed areas and, at the same time, maximise profitability by minimising costs using cutting-edge technologies, which resulted with an amazing growth in the banking sector.Using efficient software, digitalised banks can have a perfect customer experience across its entities and business areas with minimum hassle.ICS BANKS Digital Banking Software Suite indulges its customers with the opportunity to be market leaders through its holistic digitalised architecture.




Raise your Shields, Be Future-Proof, Choose ICS BANKS

Ever since digital disruption started, ICSFS embraced business agility as a primary core driver in providing its customers with real value in this global competitive market.


ICSFS provides its Customers With:

  • Innovation as a core function, ICSFS is one of the first users in utilising the latest technologies
  • Open banking; open solutions through open APIs architecture
  • Complete cloud platforms – cloud available
  • Enriched customer service and experience
  • Customer analytics
  • Unification of all digital systems – omnichannel experience
  • Increase customer’s confidence and engagement
  • Dynamic products for new business trends
  • High security, scalability, and flexibility
  • RegTech solutions
  • Improved efficiency to drive business agility
  • Increase profitability and reduce revenue leakage
  • Continuous technological advancement with lower TCO
  • Vast business coverage to assist the full cycle of any banking sector
  • Delivering more touchpoints to reach more banking customers
  • Future-proof digital banking products



Riding the technology wave is our top priority. ICS BANKS with its finest technology offers the best-of-breed functionalities and features to cover current and future digital banking needs. ICSFS provides banks and financial institutions with dynamic products that help them acquire new customers, improve existing customers’ UX, whilst enjoying the highest due diligence measurements and security cover.

ICS BANKS not only provides technology edge to banks but also, covers their all business needs in the following areas:


All of the above are under ICS BANKS digital umbrella and are covered through agile, omnichannel touchpoints, MS, and BPM in its DNA. ICSFS has the foresight to capitalise on the digital banking future, as it is recognised or its excellence, progressiveness, and innovation within the banking and financial sector.

ICS BANKS Digital Banking enables the bank to service its customers by providing essential features and vast touchpoints, utilising facilities, and the latest technologies.


ICSFS provides its customers with innovation as a core function, open banking, complete cloud platforms, customer analytics, RegTech solutions, future-proof digital banking products, and much more…



ICS BANKS Digital Banking platform is used for rendering personal banking services and supporting processes through its latest technologies and touchpoints such as:

  • Cloud Technology (Cloud Available)
  • Blockchain (Deployed in Production)
  • Open Banking and Open API’s
  • Agency Banking
  • Embedded Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Embedded Document Management System (DMS)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Smart Processes
  • Cash Management System (CMS)
  • Chatbots, Smart Customer Social and Interactive Engagements
  • Robotics
  • Smart Contracts
  • Cardless Payments
  • Digital Customer Onboarding
  • Wearable Banking and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mobile/Tablet Banking
  • Internet Banking




Artificial intelligence and robotics utilisation in ICS BANKS enable the bank to boost process efficiency and accuracy, both in internal processes and customer interactions.



How Can ICS BANKS Virtual Assistant Help Your Business?

  • 24/7 Customer Service Anytime Anywhere
  • Improve Response Time and Customer Experience
  • Reduce Operational Cost and Drive More Leads
  • Ultimate Security and Privacy
  • Covering Customer General Inquiries:
- Balance Inquiries
- Money Transfers
- Bills Payments
- Loan Application
- Nearest Branch and ATM Location
Through Mobile App, Web-Interface, and Social Media.




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ICSFS has been acknowledged by leading research and advisory companies in this industry, where it has maintained key strengths of which:

  • Ongoing productivity with a wide range of functionalities and features
  • Cost advantage over other banking software providers
  • Trouble-free implementation
  • Highest-rated customer satisfaction in implementation experience
  • Addressing customers’ fundamental needs and expectations
  • Free-of-charge upgrades to customers
  • Reduced operating costs whilst generating more revenue growth
  • Delivering real value to banks’ customers


With ICS BANKS Digital Banking fully automated digital customer onboarding, you can easily verify a customer, using his ID or via other means of biometrics including facial liveness.



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