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ICS BANKS® Universal Banking

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Your Financial Services

Universal banking systems started emerging in the Mid 90’s and soon became popular in the financial industry, technological advances allowed banks and financial institutions to knit financial services’ various aspects to maximise their profitability. 

Universal Banking in its three forms; in-house, through separately capitalised entities, or under one holding, has one need in common: Being capable of handling an integrated data service across the services provided.

To fulfil such an ambition, technology became essential, and after three decades of evolution, it is the engine driving forward billions of dollars in the Universal Banking business.

ICSFS’ digital excellence and open banking architecture, offers a variety of features and modules in its state-of-the-art ICS BANKS® Universal Banking Software Suite to indulge its customers with the opportunity to be market leaders.

Embrace Business Agility

ICSFS has been servicing the financial and banking industry for many decades and witnessed its customers’ transformation from traditional to first online and mobile banking adopters, to modernise core banking, and finally to become a true global and digital bank. 

ICS BANKS® Universal Banking software suite provides digital facilities that transform traditional customer engagement into social customer engagement.

A Holistic
Software Suite

Providing Comprehensive Universal Banking Solutions

Key Features

ICS BANKS® Universal Banking enables the bank to service its customers by providing essential digital features, utilising facilities, and the latest technologies such as:

Cloud Availability

Customer Onboarding

Agency Banking

Cardless Payments

Wearable Banking

AI and Robotics

Business Process Management


Open APIs

Cash Management


Document Management Systems

Smart Contracts



ICSFS uses innovative technologies at the core of all of its software solutions; developing first-class, dynamic, and future-proofed banking and financial products that could keep pace with latest market trends and direction.

Each ICS BANKS® Product is built from the ground up to be remarkably modular, secure, and agile, ensuring your business continuity and ability to expand vertically, horizontally, or both, without hassle.

Key Benefits

ICS BANKS® Universal Banking is a robust fully integrated and comprehensive software solution that covers all online banking transaction aspects and is proven to drive business agility with its:

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