ICSFS Social Gazette
Q3, 2019

“We have positioned ourselves as one of the leaders in innovation especially in the digital banking software solutions industry, where we have received local, international and global recognition that have set our footprints in this digital age…”

– Robert Hazboun

“..OIB is one of the most influential banks in Ethiopia, as we have around 2 million customers from corporate to individual, and from baby boomers to millennials. ICSFS’ products and services work hand-in-hand with our philosophy and approach; to work on full-speed to offer our variety of customers a successful journey, especially as we are diving into a frictionless future..”

– Abie Sano, OIB President

Interview with
Wael Malkawi; Executive Director, ICS Financial Systems

ICSFS’ Executive Director speaks to World Finance about disruptive digital technologies and how banks and financial institutions can protect and expand their market share, take advantage of AI, open banking and advanced technologies.
  • ICSFS Sponsors Innovations & Smart Technologies in the World of Finance and Banking Forum.
  • ICS BANKS Technical Training.

ICSFS uses different methods for post-go live, continuous support, customer satisfaction and knowledge development methodologies, of which conducting intensive assessment and training sessions and one-on-one user experience (UX) to its customers, in order to enhance ICS BANKS user’s know-how and give attention to its customers journey to expand ICS BANKS’ bundle of products.

“Our customers and banks wanted a platform that allows start-ups, financial institutions and any customers to connect directly with their banks, without intermediaries, and to stop sharing data with them while still reducing the cost for everybody. So, we chose Oracle Blockchain to help us achieve all those benefits..”

– Chief Technology and Innovation officer; ICSFS

PBZ endorses ICSFS to banks looking to future-proof their banking technologies.