ICS Financial Systems Held One-on-One User Experience (UX) at SOFIBANQUE

September, 2019

ICS Financial Systems held One-on-one user experience (UX) and completes a 4-week assessment and training sessions at SOFIBANQUE for Full ICS BANKS Products Optimization.

ICSFS uses different methods for post-go live, continuous support, customer satisfaction and knowledge development methodologies, of which conducting intensive assessment and training sessions and one-on-one user experience (UX) to its customers, in order to enhance ICS BANKS user’s know-how and give attention to its customers journey to expand ICS BANKS’ bundle of products.

ICSFS sessions started on 18th August till 18th September, 2019, which was held at SOFIBANQUE’s head offices in Kinshasa, Congo DRC.

The one-on-one UX was provided by ICSFS’ AGM – Senior Banking Consultant; Raja Khoury, trainees were from SOFIBANQUE’s Senior Executives, Area Managers, Regional Branch Managers, to Branch Managers, Head of Departments and Supervisors.

The assessment and training program were delivered on ICS BANKS’ existing and latest products and features, including new ICS BANKS Digital Banking, front and back office branch operations services, Business Process Management (BPM), Notification System, Auto Collection, Remittances, Credit Facility & Risk Management, Lending products, Discounted Bills, Trade Finance operations, Internal Audit and Control Reporting, Account Classifications and Provisioning system, Nostro Reconciliation, ICS BANKS ERP Suite, which included Fixed Assets, Accounts Payable, Budgeting, Inventory, Procurement and Human Resource Management System (HRMS). IFRS 9 reporting feature, in addition to AML interface and Data warehouse – MIS reporting tools were also covered in the program.  

The program services ICSFS’ customers to acquire new clients and retain their customers loyalty by providing a fully automated, innovative and authentic omnichannel customer journey experience.

The trainees were very impressed with the systems’ new features and capabilities, where they stated that this will definitely improve the quality of services provided to customers and will meet the bank’s future plans, objectives and lower cost of operations.

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