The Agricultural Bank of Sudan is now operating on ICS BANKS ISLAMIC from ICS Financial Systems

August, 2018

Khartoum, Sudan: The Agricultural Bank of Sudan, the first national Sudanese bank and is wholly owned by the Government, has gone live on  ICS BANKS ISLAMIC from ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions.

With almost 60 years servicing Sudan’s agricultural and banking sector, through our presence and spread in all regions, we are committed to deliver exceptional and bespoke products and services to our customers. To increase our business agility and efficiency, we have replaced our banking legacy system with a modern and rich banking software solutions by ICS BANKS ISLAMIC from ICSFS. With the comprehensive and advanced banking and financial technologies provided by ICSFS, we are geared up for leveraging ICS BANKS ISLAMIC software solutions to power our continuous growth and achieve our future plans.

– Mr. Salah Al Din Hasan Ahmad, General Manager of Agricultural Bank of Sudan

The move to ICS BANKS ISLAMIC will provide The Agricultural Bank of Sudan a complete integrated end-to-end and comprehensive suite of Islamic Banking application, making it more agile in adapting to future banking digital technologies. ICS BANKS ISLAMIC has shown an incredible increase of demand, as our customers are enjoying scalable, sophisticated and extensive flexible products and services that are built on modern technologies while addressing and fulfilling customers’ requirements. We are confident that The Agricultural Bank of Sudan will benefit from ICS BANKS ISLAMIC’s rich features and functionalities and open architecture, where it will enable the bank to drive extensive operations and procedures with minimal cost and risk.

– Mr. Robert Hazboun; Managing Director of ICSFS

ICS BANKS ISLAMIC is compliant with international standards such as Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI). ICSFS has a vast pool of well qualified, certified Islamic bankers, certified Islamic specialists in accounting (CISA) and experienced resources with a wide technology and banking expertise, proven development and analysis methodology, high research and development expertise that meets the Islamic industry standards.

Agricultural Bank of Sudan
Established in 1959 and started its banking operations in 1959. The Agricultural Bank of Sudan is a fully development entity, entrusted with engendering economic renaissance and social revival to transform Sudanese agricultural sector into an economically viable and productive sector, providing sustainable food sufficiency and able to compete regionally and globally and actively involved in replenishing the breadbasket of the world. The strategic goal of the Bank is to effectively mobilise physical, financial and human resources across the Sudan to achieve comprehensive development of the agricultural sector (crop plants and livestock alike).

About ICS Financial Systems Ltd. – (ICSFS)
A leading provider of modular, universal banking systems with offices in United Kingdom, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Sudan, Nigeria and Lebanon. ICSFS is a leading provider of a universal modular, core banking systems, whose success can be attributed to its turnkey offerings; ICS BANKS and ICS BANKS ISLAMIC, which serves and supports customers across the globe. ICSFS provides fully integrated universal, banking applications that deploys solutions and a range of professional services to automate and streamline banking services on premises or in the cloud.

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