Providus Bank Goes Live on ICS BANKS

September, 2017

Lagos, Nigeria: ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions, announces the successful implementation, launch and roll-out of its awards-winning banking and financial solution ICS BANKS at Providus Bank based in Nigeria, which  is an innovative financial institution that offers customized business solutions and advanced products that will not only answer customer’s business and personal needs today, but also steer them into the future.

Providus Bank’s tailored financial services delivery includes: Business Advisory, Portfolio Management, Personalized Relationship Management, Fast-tracked Service delivery and Self-service solutions.

ICS BANKS system was rolled out with a big bang approach in a record time and it was implemented across all branches in one go, the process was smooth, swift and transparent.

Providus Bank (formerly known as The United Mortgage Bank):

commenced operations in January 2006, with a vision to be a top player in the mortgage banking and financial services sector in Africa, as well the aspiration to be a full-fledged financial services provider in the medium to long term.

About ICS Financial Systems Ltd. – (ICSFS):

a leading provider of modular, universal banking systems with offices in United Kingdom, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Sudan, Nigeria and Lebanon, ICSFS is a leading provider of modular, core banking systems, its success can be attributed to its turnkey offerings, ICS BANKS and ICS BANKS ISLAMIC, which serves and supports customers across the globe. ICSFS provides fully integrated universal, banking applications that deploys solutions and a range of professional services to automate and streamline banking services.

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