Omdurman National Bank goes live with ICS BANKS ISLAMIC from ICS Financial Systems

December, 2015

From right to left: Mr. Fares Hanna Al-Banna, Audit Dept. at ONB, Mr. Isam Eldeen Abo Alizeeb, Director of Administration Affairs and banking services, Project Manager at ONB, Mr. Firas Hamza, Islamic Banking Dept., Senior Manager at ICSFS, Mr. Abdullah khogaly, Unit manager of technical projects at ONB, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Bitar, Islamic Banking Dept., Department Head at ICSFS, Mr. Hilmi AbdelHaq, Operations Dept., Senior Manager, Project Manager at ICSFS, Mr. Yahia Mohamed Mokhtar, Deputy Director of the General Manager at ONB, Mr. Tareq Qatawi ,  Operations Dept., Banking Application Consultant at ICSFS, Mr. AlTijani Hussein Mohammed Algabshawi, Head of Investment Department at ONB, Mr. Haidar Hadi Hasab Sido, Audit Dept. at ONB, Mr. Nizar Muhammad Ali Al-Faki, Banking Affairs Dept. at ONB, Mr. Wajdi Wake Allah Al-Taeb, Foreign Relations Dept. at ONB.

Khartoum, Sudan: Omdurman National Bank (ONB), the multiple awards wining and the first bank in Sudan to introduce distinguished and modern banking technologies, has gone live with the awards winning solution ICS BANKS ISLAMIC from ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions. 

Omdurman National Bank successfully implemented ICS BANKS ISLAMIC to provide its customers with the most innovative and the richest possible suite of Islamic financial solutions, meeting all business and Shari’a requirements.

The General Manager at Omdurman National Bank; Mr. Najm Eldding M. Agab, was extremely pleased with the efficient operations and handover of ICSFS and stated;

“Omdurman National Bank is one of the first banks to be established in the Sudanese banking industry, and one of our major strengths has been providing our clients with outstanding banking services. To keep providing our customers with best-of-breed banking services, we have evaluated many Islamic banking systems and chose the bespoke Islamic system that perfectly meets all our business and Shari’a requirements. We are extremely pleased and delighted that we have gone live with ICS BANKS ISLAMIC, I would like to take this opportunity and thank the whole team from ONB and ICSFS that have worked on this successful project.”

Mr. Yahia Mohamed Mokhtar, Deputy Director of the General Manager at ONB commented on the successful implementation;

“As a bank that serves and provides the most prominent banking services for the local and foreign companies operating in Sudan, we have implemented the most dynamic Islamic banking solution; ICS BANKS ISLAMIC to provide innovative corporate and retail banking services and products that support Shari’a Compliance and offer the best banking services to our customers.” Mr. Mokhtar continued “With this successful implementation of ICS BANKS ISLAMIC, we are confident of its rich spectrum of features and functionalities complied with Shari’a regulatory requirements, and its immense scalability and reliability for the future .”

Mr. Robert Hazboun, Managing Director at ICFS stated;

“By leveraging ICS BANKS ISLAMIC software, Omdurman National Bank will be able to improve their performance by lowering their operating costs, increasing their revenue and improving operational efficiency. We are very pleased with the outcome, and would like to thank the entire Omdurman National Bank’s team along with ICSFS’ implementation and operations team for their good will in achieving this milestone, and we assure Omdurman National Bank to deliver a differentiated experience to their customers.”

Executive Director for Business Development at ICSFS; Mr. Wael Malkawi also commented;

“ICSFS has delivered a successful go-live implementation, with its multidimensional implementation approach of its awards winning global banking software ICS BANKS ISLAMIC. Omdurman National Bank is one of the first dedicated Islamic banks in Sudan, focused on offering Shari’a-compliant business banking solutions for corporate and retail banking services. And we are honoured to be chosen by Omdurman National Bank, and to be their committed banking software partner.”

ICS BANKS ISLAMIC provides a complete suite of banking business modules with a rich sweep of functionality and features, addressing business needs and automating accounting processes, as needed, to improve a bank’s business performance. ICS BANKS ISLAMIC has always been a pioneer in utilizing the latest technology to serve financial institutions. In addition to its embedded Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), the system is deployed in a multi-tiered setup that runs on a web thin client.

About ICS Financial Systems Ltd. – (ICSFS): Sister company of International Computer Systems (London) Ltd – (ICS-London) is a leading provider of modular, core banking systems. ICSFS’ success can be attributed to our turnkey offering, ICS BANKS that serves and supports customers across the globe. ICS BANKS is a fully integrated universal, banking application that deploys a solution and a range of professional services to automate and streamline banking services.

Omdurman National Bank (ONB): was established in 1993.  It started in Khartoum and Omdurman, before the expansion revolution of having branches covering most of Sudan. The bank has made wide strides on the path of banking technology whereas it is the first to introduce the service of the national Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in addition to other package of modern and distinguished banking technologies.

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