June, 2007

ICS (London) Ltd., ICSFS, and CCS Jordan Launches its BANKS® Application in French at Trust Bank Algeria

London, UK

International Computer Systems (London) Ltd, and CCS Jordan signed today with Trust Bank Algeria for full automation by deploying BANKS® application with its new French language interface.
ICS BANKS® web-enabled Banking solution – a complete integrated banking system for its various banking environments running on oracle 10g platform, will now communicate in French at Trust Bank Algeria. The system is scheduled to be fully functional at the bank by end of 2007 as agreed upon by both parties.
The French support team will be located in Lebanon, which strategically ensures smooth penetration to the North African countries and other international Francophone regions.
Mr. Mohamad Hamdoun, Managing Director of Trust Bank stated

Our past experience with ICS’ projects have given us the confidence in the credibility of their business and the BANKS software. We are proud of ICS’ international achievements, and speed in producing a French version and a well-informed team. We have confidence that we will be fully functional on time and the transfer will be swift

BANKS® will be implemented at Trust Bank’s existing three branches, with the two inaugurating branches, and will continue extending to 100% of all its up coming outlets. The ICS solution utilizes the world’s leading technologies to deliver extraordinary value, through unifying financial charts of account, balance sheets, chain management and redefining internal banking processes, while using the Oracle 10g database on a LINUX operating system along with multi-Lingual features.
Mr. Wa’il Malkawi, VP Business Development, ICS London ltd, commented

It was a unique and exciting challenge enhancing our system’s language which subsequently ensured our partnership with Trust Bank Algeria. We are pleased with the outcome, and looking forward to expanding with in the North African market- a very positive progress indeed.

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