Oracle Impact, Amman

September, 2018

ICSFS’ Digital Banking and Innovation Product Manager; Ra’ad Malkawi, joins Oracle Impact panel discussion to discuss the importance and benefits of ICS BANKS Digital Banking platform and how banks will benefit from ICS BANKS Blockchain Adaptor to overcome the key challenges that they face in terms of security, cost, faster automated transactions and the exclusion of third parties.

Assistant Deputy General Manager for Information Technology & Security of Arab Jordan Investment Bank – AJIB, which is one of ICS BANKS Universal Banking application users; Ayman Qadoumi has joined the discussion panel to explain the successful PoC of implementing ICS BANKS Blockchain Adaptor in their subsidiaries. Mr. Qadoumi emphasized on how ICS BANKS products are helping AJIB to facilitate the demands of their customers, proactively roll out new digital products, and hence nurture and strengthen customer centricity.

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