ICSFS Gold Sponsor at “Advanced Digital Banking” Training Program

March, 2019

ICS Financial Systems (ICSFS) to participate at “Advanced Digital Banking” training program as a gold sponsor. Training was held at the W Hotel Amman, from 25 – 27 March,2019.
The three-day program was delivered by the CEO of Banking Reports (London); Mr. David Gyori, who addressed today’s fintech digital disruptions, from fintech revolution to disruptive banking technologies.


Banking is changing faster than ever. This period of transition is a great opportunity as well as the source of risks and challenges. The “Advanced Digital Banking” Training Program provided a global overview of best practices and cutting edge solutions to win digital transition.

Day One of the program provided in-depth information about the: 30 key areas of Financial Technology, The Red Queen Effect, The Banking Innovation Paradox, Metcalf’s Law, Moore’s Law, Millennials, Social Media in Banking, Smartphone, the Five Stages of Channel Evolution, Crowdsourcing Techniques as well as The 4Ps of Digital Product Development.

Day Two of the training program dealt with Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Open Banking, APIs, User Interfaces, User Experience in Banking as well as the future of SWIFT.

Day Three provided an analysis of Digital Currencies, Central Bank Digital Currency, Big Data, AI, ML, Ecosystems, Robo advisors, Chatbots, Conversational Banking as well as the most successful Corporate Innovation Strategies.

The three day program altogether brought bankers from mid and top management positions to the cutting edge of digital transition, Financial Technology as well as digital banking in general.

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