Adapting to a Different World 

Heba Rasheed
Senior Product Manager;
Investment & Treasury
"The wealth management industry has had to rapidly evolve as customers demand the latest digital solutions. The challenges this presents must be overcome if firms want to future-proof their businesses."


Ahead of the Curve

Robert Hazboun
"With consumers shifting to online banking, the strength and agility of a bank’s digital systems has never been more important. Through its innovative solutions, ICS Financial Systems equips banks for the digital age."


Ghassan Sarsak, CTO & CIO of ICS Financial Systems,
discusses how ICS BANKS and Oracle Exadata accelerate core & digital banking,
and revolutionize end-of-day banking processes.
“We wanted a platform that helps our customers to support their growth plans, consolidate their databases whilst still reducing their cost and achieving the highest levels of business performance.”
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Wael Malkawi
Published in IBS Journal
Special Sibos Issue - November 2019
"Tech is being used by Islamic banks not only to provide an enhanced digital experience for customers but also to improve the financial health of the banks themselves"


Digital Banking

By Wael Malkawi
Published in Financila IT
Special Sibos Issue
"Our digital banking platform is embedded in the DNA of our universal banking applications (ICS BANKS and ICS BANKS ISLAMIC). Therefore, agility is seamlessly reflected in all the universal banking applications’ products across all touchpoints, without the need for complexity or interfaces."


A UK-based company has supplied the system
August 24, 2019
Fortune News Vol . 20, 2019; page 8
Wolde Bulto; Vice President of OIB    




Director, Oracle Blockchain Product Marketing; Mary Hall
As financial institutions look to enhance their customers' online banking experience, a number of them are looking are blockchain technology as a way to accelerate the payment process and cross-border transfers.  IDC forecasts that "applications surrounding complex, multi-party transactions or intermediaries demonstrate the largest benefits of implementing a blockchain solution."
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Trying to understand blockchain? Here's a simple explanation

Director, Oracle Blockchain Product Marketing; Mary Hall
Director, Oracle Blockchain Product Marketing; Mary Hall praised the way ICSFS’ Chief Technology & Innovation Officer; Ghassan Sarsak explained how the blockchain technology can be easily understood stating: “Before beginning his presentation, Mr. Sarsak offered one of the best explanations of blockchain and its benefits that I have ever heard. Mr. Sarsak advised attendees to think of a blockchain "like a family."
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Learn how Software Companies Drive Success On Cloud

IDC conducted interviews with ICSFS’ Executive Director; Mr. Wael Malkawi and Chief Technology & Innovation Officer; Mr. Ghassan I. Sarsak discussing ICSFS’ cloud journey experience in their latest eBook: Cloud Partner Success Guide 2018, where IDC conducted in-depth interviews with senior decision makers of only eight Oracle ISV (Independent Software Vendors) Partners.


The Inevitable Evolution: Financial Inclusion, Open Banking and the Cloud

  Agile fintech players offering a range of services have built tremendous customer bases, taking business from the traditional banking network. Three key elements have helped them deliver unique products and services to a wide range of customers, with the help of cloud technology. Banks must be aware of these pillars that now hold up the market, driving and shaping financial services.  Read More


Using AI to Enhance Customer Experience

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already become an everyday part of our lives. We use it at work and at home - often without even realizing it. AI is evolving now in all industries especially in the banking sector, 2018 will showcase many projects and applications that are adopting AI to increase their performance and security in all terms.       Read more


Future Direction of Digital Investing

  Although digital investing is not scaling as quickly as many anticipated, customer awareness and consideration has clearly moved toward digital.
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Why Banks Must Digitally Transform in 2018 or Risk Fading Away

  Wasting time means losing money. That is what digital era businesses cannot bear, and very soon the speed of traditional bankers and banking methods will be comparable to a steam train being placed next to a modern Transrapid i.e. the banking technology of the future. Read more


ICS Financial Systems and Digital Banking Revolution

  Digital banking, understood as the digitalisation of traditional banking activities through the application of technologies that ensure end-to-end processing of financial transactions, has been challenging banks and financial institutions for over two decades. Some of the main challenges today are rapid technology changes, financial reach and inclusion, the unification of all digital systems, the automation of processes and the establishment of efficient means to comply with national and international regulations. Read more


Middle East Promise


Islamic banking has been one of the financial industry’s great growth stories over the past few years. The Islamic (interest-free) model has encouraged innovation, both in terms of product offerings and business support. In a break from convention, Islamic banks aim to function as true fi nancial partners for their clients, as opposed to taking on the old-fashioned role of bank as lender.    Read more


Transformations Through Technology 

In today’s world, when a business is looking to take things to the next level, it turns to technology to help get it there. In the banking sector, the current economic climate and increased regulation mean that profits are restricted and bottom lines shrink, but through the application of new technologies banks are able to reduce outgoings and remain competitive in this highly
constrictive environment.   Read More


Bankable Software

ICS Financial Systems Ltd. (ICSFS) provides business and technology solutions for financial institutions across the world.


Hi-tech Banking

"Financial institutions are increasingly looking at outsourcing their data management to the cloud, embracing the power of the internet to better connect with their customers"


Leading and Preferred Banking Application for the MEA Region

Jordan’s banking sector has undergone something of a revolution over recent years. Once-fusty banks now compete to see who can provide the latest and most sophisticated products and services to their customers. This has naturally required banks to adopt ever more sophisticated software systems, just like those developed by ICSFS for its global client base.