Universal Banking

Having a comprehensive banking solution is a must to be able to run a Universal banking business with innovative and the best-in-class technologies. Our ICS BANKS software provides you with a pleasant modular menu to choose from, and create your own tasteful and favourite system.

By implementing ICS BANKS Universal Banking Software Suite, banks and financial institutions will be able to generate new opportunities to enhance market advantage over competitors, and exploit the software’s utmost key benefits that are significant and reliable to generate a better customer experience ecosystem. Part of benefits that will be noticeable by the bank’s customers are improvements in the bank’s service provision, 24-hour availability, smart banking, access to a full range of services, lower charges, more security and transparency in transactions.

With current Digitalisation storm and fast progress pace, ICSFS offers strong tools to be able to not only take impact, but also, be the leader.


ICS BANKS Digital Banking touchpoints


ICS BANKS Universal Banking Software Suite offers you the momentum to claim that being among the best is not good enough but “Be Above the Rest”.

ICS BANKS is a robust fully integrated and comprehensive software solution that covers all transaction banking online aspects.