ICS BANKS® Lending consists of modules that are highly parameterised, highly flexible and modular. All systems are based on a product design architecture, therefore the customer can design any new product, link such products to the general ledger (GL), commissions & charges, schedule of repayment, using any of the calculation methods available. The system is integrated with the Business Process Management module, BANKS BPM®, will support the full workflow cycle of Origination, studying, approval and processing. Interest method supported can be Flat, Discounted, Simple, Compounded, Subsidised, present value, future value and many more.


ICS BANKS® also covers the following lending and supplementary modules:

•   Retail & Corporate Loans
•   Promissory Notes (including Discounted Bills Management Module and HirePurchase Module)
•   Local Bills for Collection Module
•   Advanced Salary Service
•   Overdraft Managem ent
•   Retail Purchase Module
•   Microfinance Module
•   Syndicated Loans Module
•   Instalment Loans Module
•   Finance Leasing


The system is integrated with the ICS BANKS® Internet Banking System (IBS)


For further information about ICS BANKS® Lending, please do not hesitate to contact us at contactus@icsfs.com

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