Investment & Treasury

ICS BANKS® Investment & Treasury system is a completely integrated and parameterised End-to-End solution that covers all investment, treasury & brokerage activities. It is a powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-use investment and portfolio management system, which covers all financial, transactional, processing and reporting needs. The system is fully compliant with IAS 39 & IFRS 9.

ICS BANKS® Investment and Treasury system includes:

•   Treasury & Investment

•   Asset & Portfolio Management





Adapting to a Different World

The wealth management industry has had to rapidly evolve as customers demand the latest digital solutions. The challenges this presents must be overcome if firms want to future-proof their businesses.

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ICS BANKS® Investment & Treasury system offers an essential, Straight-Through-Processing and End-to-End event driven processing for a wide range of asset classes including securities, equities and derivatives.

The system is integrated with Reuters DataScope Select (DSS) system for data extraction that provides access to global pricing, validated terms and conditions, historical data content and cross-reference data for a wide range of instruments. The system is also interfaced with Reuters D3000 for Deal Capture.

The system supports Front, Middle and back office activities and provides deal capture, limits control, position keeping, automatic processing for transactions, confirmation, and settlement to maturity, generating all necessary accounting and reporting and Risk Management.

Our Risk Management solution offers risk performance measurements and market risk analysis covering market valuation, sensitivity calculation and choice of Value at Risk (VaR) methodologies. The E-Brokerage System is integrated with the ICS BANKS® Internet Banking System (IBS).


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