ICS BANKS Payments Distribution System

ICS BANKS Payments Distribution System enables the bank to pay due amounts to beneficiaries on behalf of companies, whether the beneficiary is a customer of the bank or not. The payment could be share profits, IPO’s refund or any other payment order. Different payment types can be defined for the same company for different payment years using the payment system parameter screens. The system will automatically upload the payment information from a text file provided by the companies and will validate the information before processing the transaction starts.

Online payment function is available to settle the payments to beneficiary upon his presence. Different payment methods are available like cash, issue manager cheque or depositing the amount in customer account if the beneficiary is a customer of the bank. Payment distribution can be done in any of the bank branches. User can inquire about any payment loaded in the system either by beneficiary name, beneficiary number, national number or any ID number.


For further information about ICS BANKS Payments Distribution System, please do not hesitate to contact us at contactus@icsfs.com