ICS BANKS Miscellaneous Charges System

ICS BANKS Miscellaneous Charges System is a flexible and reliable platform that provides the bank or the financial institution with the privilege of loading and collecting any type of charges or commissions. These charges and commissions are calculated by a third-party system, and are loaded and processed into ICS BANKS Miscellaneous Charges System based on designated parameters that are defined according to the financial institution’s requirement.

The system is designed to assist and expand a financial institution’s way of handling charges or commissions, by generating customised processes that are personalised to the financial institution’s needs.

The processes of the system are easy-to-configure by the financial institution; the system indulges the financial institution with full customisation capabilities, where specific processing rules can be generated and imposed on any type of charge. It comprehends also a collection “following-up” facility, which collects the dues whenever funds become available in the customer’s account.

For example, a bank can use this system to load bulk of charges generated by the short message service (SMS) system and process these charges according to the parameters specified for each type, and automatically follow-up the collection of unpaid charges.

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