ICS BANKS Finance Lease

ICS Financial Systems front-to-back-office financial leasing software, ICS BANKS Finance, is a web-base, end-to-end leasing system, providing comprehensive asset management functionalities that facilitate financial institutions in simplifying their business processes and advancing their proficiency.

ICS BANKS Finance Lease is a state-of-the-art solution that ensures customer acquisition, satisfaction & retention. The solution is cost effective with predictable and manageable payments, thereby offers you the benefits of competitive advantage.

ICS BANKS Finance Lease maintains all kinds of Expenses: Maintenance, Insurance, Registration, Other fees & Expenses.



ICS BANKS Finance Lease System Process


ICS BANKS Finance Lease Workflow



ICS BANKS Finance Lease Main Sectors:

• Real estate

• Transportation

• Industrial

• Medical

• Tourism

• Agricultural

• Any new main sector can be defined by the financial institution (dynamic)

• Unlimited sub-sectors for each main sector


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