ICS BANKS Dynamic Advices Builder

The process of requesting a new advice creation from any traditional reporting tool would be costly, time consuming, Labour intensive and may lead to expensive maintenance for the bank. ICS BANKS Dynamic Advices Builder has great flexibility that reduces the significant cost and time for banks. 

The system enables the end user (bank) to design and customise their own advice easily by using their preferred web browser or familiar desktop tools gripping the data needed from any ICS BANKS system, such as ICS BANKS Core banking,Trade Finance, Investment and Treasury and many more. Moreover, the bank can customise advices according to their needs in an easier and faster way.

ICS BANKS Dynamic Advices Builder produces advices in different file formats such as PDF, MS Word, Acrobat, HTML, EXCEL, RTF and XML that can be sent to multiple destinations such as email, printer, fax, screen and file. The system will design and provide the necessary data models needed to build the advices, whereas the advices are produced dynamically and are sent to its destination without any user intervention.

For further information about ICS BANKS Dynamic Advices Builder, please do not hesitate to contact us at contactus@icsfs.com