ICS BANKS Classification & Provisioning System

ICS BANKS Classification & Provisioning is a fully parameterised system were the credit facilities accounts are classified automatically according to predefined central bank rules. After classifying the credit facilities, the system will automatically calculate the provision amount based on the classification type and provisioning percentage defined for each provision type.

Classification & Provisioning features:

  • Calculating stop payment date
  • Classification types; performing and non-performing  credit facilities
  • Calculating accepted net collateral amount
  • Calculating provision amount


The system provides the following reports:

  • Calculated Provision Amounts Information       
  • Detailed Provision & Classification Information       
  • Calculated Provision Detailed Information
  • Loans Structuring Information
  • Loans Rescheduling Information      
  • Calculated Provision Amounts History Rep
  • Provision & Classification History Information
  • Calculated Provision Information History
  • Detailed Overdraft Accounts Information
  • Not Approved Non-Performing Accounts
  • Provision & Classification Parameters
  • Watch List Classification Conditions
  • Provision Types Parameters Information
  • Under Liquidation 
  • Cash Margins Accounts Information


For further information about ICS BANKS Classification & Provisioning System , please do not hesitate to contact us at contactus@icsfs.com