Credit Facilities & Risk Groups

The ICS BANKS® Credit Facilities & Risk Groups module, when deployed in a bank or financial institution, has the capability to control and manage the allocation of facilities in a branch or the head office.

Credit Risk is maintained on five levels (Group, Group Detail, Customer Facility, Facility Details and Account) to utilise and monitor facilities, line limits and group limits in real time. Each of these levels can be in a different currency.Guarantor and collaterals defaults are also maintained and monitored for their used amounts, revision dates and revaluation periods.

Credit facility lines can report in groups that represent countries, banks or any other entity, where each group has a unique transaction process control. With a smart user-friendly system behaviour and navigation, ICS BANKS® Credit Facility & Risk Groups system covers:

•   Risk Group
•   Risk Sub Group
•   Customer Facility
•   Guarantor Maintenance
•   Collateral Maintenance
•   Facility Detail
•   Dynamic Facility
•   Temporary Facility
•   Revolving Facility
•   Credit Scoring

The system is integrated with the Business Process Management module, BANKS BPM®, which providesa full workflow cycle of applying, studying, approval and processing, credit facility requests.


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