ICS Financial Systems to Participate at Islamic Finance Week 2019 - AIFC

October, 2019


Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions, has participated in the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) - Islamic Finance Week’s third annual conference organized by the Bureau for Continuing Professional Development (BCPD), to showcase its awards-winning ICS BANKS ISLAMIC banking application, exchange international experience on the development of Islamic finance in Kazakhstan and the CIS region.

Islamic Finance Week 2019 brought together international and local experts in the field of Islamic finance - ministries, universities, professional communities, developers and investors who are interested in expanding the industry, providing and simplifying access to knowledge. The event aimed at building productive discussions, with the world’s best leaders, on practical Islamic finance frameworks related to environmental, educational, technological and social issues, financial services, investments and regulatory structure of the market, as well as to inspire actions to support Kazakhstan’s own unique path.

The Islamic Finance Week program included a series of workshops by global Islamic leaders such as; Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), Zaid Ibrahim & Co (ZICO), International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) and Islamic Development Bank (IsDB). ICSFS was invited to participate in the “Challenges of Digital Transformation in the Islamic Finance Industry” panel session, where Wael Malkawi; ICSFS’ Executive Director, shared ICSFS’ focus on Islamic banking implementation, especially in emerging markets, consisting of; Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

“I would like to thank Islamic Finance Week’s organizers AIFC, for inviting us to participate in such a important event.” ICSFS’ Executive Director; Wael Malkawi stated. “ICSFS has been servicing the financial and banking industry for many decades and has witnessed the Islamic finance industry blossom in the past 20 years. Our ICS BANKS ISLAMIC software solution embraces Islamic business agility as a primary core driver of providing real value in this global competitive market.”


ICSFS invests in its software suites by utilising modern technology in launching new products, constructing a secured and agile integration, and keeping pace with new standards and regulations worldwide. ICS BANKS ISLAMIC software suites future-proof banking activities by providing a broad range of features and capabilities with more agility and flexibility, to enrich customers journey experience, hence improving the trust and confidentiality between the customer and the bank. ICS BANKS ISLAMIC has always been a pioneer in utilising the latest technology to serve financial institutions. In addition to its embedded Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), the system can be deployed on premises or in the cloud.



About Islamic Finance Week:  an annual conference organized by the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), which is a unique hub on the map of the financial world that brings together the best practices and opportunities offered by similar institutions around the globe – from New York City and London to Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. AIFC is the first institution in the region to offer businesses a complete and comprehensive legal platform for attracting, implementing and protecting investments. AIFC jurisdiction is based on the principles, norms and precedents of the law of England and Wales and (or) standards applied by the world’s leading financial centres. http://islamicweek.kz/



About ICS Financial Systems Ltd. - (ICSFS): a leading provider of modern banking and financial technology powered by a very solid, agile, and digital banking platform as part of its DNA, launching innovative products that are constructed on a secured and agile integration. Its ICS BANKS software is a fully integrated universal banking software suites that provides open products with international standards, real-time business processing and value-added capabilities of tailoring products, on premises or in the cloud. ICS BANKS software suites future-proofs banking activities by providing a broad range of features and capabilities with more agility and flexibility, to enrich customers journey experience. www.icsfs.com