Global Banking & Finance Review Names ICS Financial Systems Ltd “Best Banking Technology Software Provider 2014” and Jordan Kuwait Bank “Best Core Banking System Implementation in Jordan 2014”

December, 2014

Global Banking and Finance Review, one of the worlds’ leading global banking and finance online publications has announced ICS Financial Systems Ltd. (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions, as the Best Banking Technology Software Provider 2014 and recognized Jordan Kuwait Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Jordan, for Best Core Banking System Implementation in Jordan 2014.

The Global Banking & Finance Review Awards recognize excellence within the global financial community. They have been designed to reflect the innovation, achievement, strategy and progressive changes taking place within the financial sector.

Global Banking and Finance Review awards ICS Financial Systems Ltd- ICSFS in recognition for its continued commitment to quality and innovation in banking software. ICSFS, part of the International Computer Systems (London) Ltd. group, is a leading provider of modular, core banking systems. 

“ICS Financial System delivers comprehensive scalable software solutions for banking clients of all size.

Their state-of-the-art management software ICS BANKS® delivers maximum value,” said Wanda Rich, Editor, and Global Banking & Finance Review.

The Managing Director of ICSFS, Robert Hazboun commented, “We are delighted for receiving this award, and look forward to continue providing world-class banking solutions. I would like to seize this opportunity and congratulate our client Jordan Kuwait Bank  for being  recognized by Global Banking and Finance Review as well for Best Core Banking Implementation in Jordan 2014.”

JKB’s award for Best Core Banking System Implementation came as a culmination of the Bank’s successful implementation of the “ICS BANKS” System from ICSFS at all its branches and departments accurately, smoothly and safely in mid 2014. The General Manager of JKB, Mohammad Yaser Al-Asmar stated, “ We are proud to have partnered with ICSFS for the core banking system transformation that took place at the Bank to ensure that the highest level of efficiency and advanced services are provided to our customers all the while maintaining international standards in confidentiality and security.

On this occasion, we would also like to congratulate ICSFS for their award.”
It is also worth mentioning that Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) has been awarded by Global Banking & Finance Review in addition to the Best Core Banking System Implementation in Jordan, the Best Retail Bank, Best Private Bank, and Best CSR Bank in - Jordan in 2014.

The awards honour companies that stand out in particular areas of expertise in the banking and finance industry. ICS Financial Systems Ltd. as the Best Banking Technology Software Provider 2014 because of the company's outstanding achievements in many areas of software technology and by performing well in the following categories according to judging panel:
- Tailored solutions
- Range of support and consultancy services
- Scalable solution suitable for small and large banks and financial institutions
- Real time online software
- Addresses challenges the financial service industry is facing: including deregulation and risk management
- Skilled and knowledgeable consultants

ICS BANKS® provides a complete suite of banking business modules with a rich sweep of functionality and features, addressing business needs and automating accounting processes, as needed, to improve a bank’s business performance. ICS BANKS® has always been a pioneer in utilizing the latest technology to serve financial institutions. In addition to its embedded Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), the system is deployed in a multi-tiered setup that runs on a web thin client, J2EE environment.



About ICS Financial Systems Ltd. - (ICSFS): sister company of International Computer Systems (London) Ltd – (ICS-London) is a leading provider of modular, core banking systems. ICSFS’ success can be attributed to our turnkey offering, ICS BANKS® that serves and supports customers across the globe. ICS BANKS® is a fully integrated universal, banking application that deploys a solution and a range of professional services to automate and streamline banking services.

About Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB): Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB), a Jordanian public shareholding company, was founded in 1976 as the country’s fifth national commercial bank and has successfully evolved in to a major player in the Jordanian banking system.  The Bank currently operates a domestic network of 56 branches distributed throughout Jordan in addition to two branches in Palestine and a branch in Cyprus. JKB wholly owns Ejara Leasing Company and holds a controlling share of more than 50% in the United Financial Investments Co. (Jordan) and a 10% stake in Algeria Gulf Bank (Algeria).  The Bank’s paid-up capital was gradually increased from JD 5 million in 1976 to JD 100  million (USD 141m) in 2008.
JKB’s management capitalizes on the strong business and ownership relations with (KIPCO) and its banking arm, Burgan Banking Group. It also capitalizes on the Bank’s capabilities to provide services that encompass commercial and investment banking in addition to other business-related services (brokerage and insurance). JKB’s major shareholders are Burgan Bank, a member of KIPCO group (Kuwait), holding 50.9% of the Bank’s capital and the Social Security Corporation (Jordan) holding 21% of the capital.

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