Comprehensive Leasing Company Selects the Universal Banking Software BANKS from International Computer Systems (London) Ltd.

December, 2009
Jordan, Amman: International Computer Systems (London) Ltd. – ICS and its sister company Computer & Communications Systems Ltd. – CCS; two leading companies in the automation and computerization of banking systems, has signed an agreement with Comprehensive Leasing Company; one of the largest companies of Nicola Abu Khader Group, on implementing BANKS Finance Lease system to offer its clients financial services through the activation of the newest technologies of the complete software BANKS.
The agreement was signed in Amman at the Comprehensive Leasing Company headquarters, in the presence of the General Manager of the company; Mr. Elia Wakileh, and the General Manager of ICS (London); Mr. Robert Hazboun.
Mr. Wakileh, General Manager of Comprehensive Leasing Company, said after the signing of the Agreement: “We are pleased to confirm our partnership with International Computer Systems (London), for implementing the latest and best reached applications of BANKS software in servicing our financial leasing sector in Jordan and abroad. We chose BANKS Finance Lease system as it is in line with our strategic direction; to meet all customer requirements in a very short period of time and to keep pace with developments in the field of information technology systems used in leasing operations”
Mr. Robert Hazboun, general manager of ICS (London), expressed the company’s pleasance to be the Comprehensive Leasing Company’s first choice and preferred software partner for the integration of their finance lease system, confirming ICS’ commitment on helping the company to deliver extraordinary value and to exceed their customers’ expectations in their future plans.CCS and ICS’ BANKS solutions utilize the world's leading technologies to deliver extraordinary value, through unifying and automating the enterprise processes on a multi-lingual and multi institution features, providing our banking and financial institutions clients with an incredibly flexible best-of-breed technology and offer unparalleled support that have been assembled by our team of hundreds; dedicated programmers, banking and finance experts who have successfully delivered turnkey solutions to clients of all sizes over three decades of experience.
About Comprehensive Leasing Company: Comprehensive Leasing Co. has been leasing vehicles and equipment across Jordan since 2004 from its headquarters in Amman – Jordan. From cars and machinery to medical equipment, Comprehensive Leasing Company (CLC) provides a wide range of financing solutions tailored to meet clients’ financial needs avoiding the stringent requirements and hassles of larger finance companies while gaining the same rock solid stability offered with a personal touch and customized approach. CLC provides up to 100% financing programs that are priced very competitively with a fixed interest rate and a payment schedule designed specifically for different clients’ requirements. About International Computer Systems (London) Ltd: founded in 1978 as a Systems Integrator and Turn-Key solutions provider, enjoys an unbroken record of successful banking solutions implementation throughout a quarter of a century of successful banking automation projects with over 62 banks across 3 continents. Computer and Communications Systems Ltd- (CCS): founded in 1982 is one of the Middle East’s leading IT companies and one of the largest IT companies of its kind in Jordan. CCS provides assistance in every aspect of the IT Project and Skills Transfer cycle: from initial consultancy through to design, development, networking, infrastructure, implementation, training, and on-going maintenance. We have produced state-of-the-art software and provide world leading