BANKS from ICS (London) Ltd. Goes Live at the Industrial Development & Workers Bank of Egypt

May, 2009
Egypt - Cairo: International Computer Systems (London) Ltd. – ICS announced its successful implementation of its BANKS software at the Industrial Development & Workers Bank of Egypt (IDWBE) in Cairo. IDWBE went live with BANKS applications on April 1st, 2009 and launched BANKS latest version, running under Linux 5 operating system and Oracle (10g). ICS studied the whole environment of IDWBE including its products and services, concentrating on the markets the banks deal with specifically the Egyptian market and providing consultation and needed support for various banking products.
In November 2008 two banks; Industrial Development Bank of Egypt (IDBE) and the Egyptian Workers Bank, merged to become the Industrial Development & Workers Bank of Egypt (IDWBE). The new merger resulted with having an overall of 19 branches within major and new industrial cities of Egypt, where IDBE had 14 and the Egyptian Workers Bank had 5 branches.
Mr. Shahin Serag Al-Din; IDWBE Chairman stated: “We chose BANKS from ICS for its extensive business functionality, where it covered the whole business cycle of our Bank, and is fully integrated for maximum efficiency. BANKS formed an invaluable tool for handling any amount of data and transactions, and provided additional layers of security at all levels of IDWBE operations. ICS’s team delivered robust solutions for optimizing IDWBE customized system implementation”
Mr. Essam Samara, ICS Chairman stated:“We are extremely pleased to be chosen by the Industrial Development & Workers Bank of Egypt as their IT partner, and are delighted to have IDWBE enjoy banking on BANKS. We are looking forward to present BANKS applications to the rest of the Egyptian Banking Industry, as they will witness our success in implementing our systems at IDWBE. The Egyptian Market will definitely be seeing more of our products and services.”
Mr. Raja Khoury, Operations Manager/Project Manager at ICS said: “Using BANKS, the fully integrated universal financial and banking solutions from ICS, the global leading provider of financial services technology solutions, enables bankers face their key day to day challenges and focus on customer service and work development. We have finalized the implementation of many applications such as; Trade Finance, Swift Interface & Credit Facilities. IDWBE will be also implementing MIS, Workflow and Investment modules during the next month” IDWBE is using BANKS software in 14 branches now, and are looking to deploy the software in the rest of their 5 branches resulted from the merger during this year. ICS solutions are committed to deliver an extraordinary value to its clients, through BANKS software, which is the ideal software for leading Banks. ICS (London) demonstrated BANKS solutions, at BANKTECH 2009 exhibition that took place from 25- 27 May 2009, at Cairo – Egypt and was held at Fairmont Towers Hotel. Mr. Shahin Serag Al-Din; IDWBE Chairman, Mr. Mahmoud Sinnarah; IDWBE IT Consultant and Mr. Raja Khoury; ICS Operations Manager/Project Manager, were all speakers at the event conference and announced their IT partnership at the conference dinner, that was sponsored by IDWBE. Many delegates visited ICS’ stand, and were overwhelmed by the mobility, flexibility and the complete integration of its modules. About International Computer Systems (London) Ltd: founded in 1978 as a Systems Integrator and Turn-Key solutions provider, enjoys an unbroken record of successful banking solutions implementation over 30 years of successful banking automation projects with over 55 banks across 3 continents. About Industrial Development & Workers Bank of Egypt: In November 2008 the Egyptian Workers Bank was merged into the IDBE under the name of "The Industrial Development & Workers Bank of Egypt”. The Bank’s branch network of 19 branches which are strategically located within Egypt’s major industrial cities, providing IDWBE with the focused reach needed to service its clientele