ICSFS Social Gazette Q4, 2018

Hammurabi Commercial Bank, a new established bank by the Central Bank of Iraq, has selected the multi-awards winning solution ICS BANKS Universal Banking Software Suite.
ICS Financial Systems Ltd. - ICSFS “one of the best” in Blockchain Technology, whilst the rest are still exploring!
Director, Oracle Blockchain Product Marketing; Mary Hall praised the way ICSFS’ Chief Technology & Innovation Officer; Ghassan I. Sarsak explained how the blockchain technology can be easily understood stating: “Before beginning his presentation, Mr. Sarsak offered one of the best explanations of blockchain and its benefits that I have ever heard. Mr. Sarsak advised attendees to think of a blockchain " like a family."
Swift User Group Meeting for Iraqi Banks
ICSFS was privileged to speak at Swift’s User Group Meeting for Iraqi banks, that took place in Amman, Jordan on 3 October, 2018. ICSFS’ team showcased its financial services provided by its awards-winning solution, ICS BANKS banking software suites, emphasising on our global presence, especially in the Iraqi Banking Software Market, where ICSFS is dominant, with 23 banks that are long-term users of ICS BANKS banking application.
Simplifies the borrowing process as the borrower uses one agreement covering a whole group of banks and different types of facility rather than entering into a series of separate bilateral loans, each with different terms and conditions. There is usually one bank, called agent bank, which leads the loan agreement and share the fund.
The process of requesting a new advice creation from any traditional reporting tool would be costly, time consuming, Labour intensive and may lead to expensive maintenance for the bank. ICS BANKS Dynamic Advices Builder has great flexibility that reduces the significant cost and time for banks.
A fully parameterised system were the credit facilities accounts are classified automatically according to predefined central bank rules. After classifying the credit facilities, the system will automatically calculate the provision amount based on the classification type and provisioning percentage defined for each provision type.
“Out-of-the-Box” Suite is a family of products that facilitates the flow of information, coordinates all resources and activities within the business organization. This business solution software will enhance your productivity by incorporating your key business functions.
Created to provide the bank with a notification mechanism where certain messages or advertisements will be displayed for certain customers, once their accounts or customer number are keyed in the system, in order to be addressed in a proper way.
A robust collections software solution that is introduced to reduce and mitigate risk of managing past due or delinquent accounts. This automated system monitors the customer’s accounts which have unpaid arrears in order to track any amount that becomes available, and blocks it against these arrears, before being drawn or used by the customer.