ICSFS Social Gazette Q3, 2018


“ICSFS is the first Oracle ISV partner
worldwide to perform this kind of testing on Oracle 18c database and achieve best benchmarking results to-date”
Managing Director of ICSFS; Mr. Robert Hazboun
“This high-watermark benchmark is a testament to ICS BANKS application’s capabilities, where no other banking software solution has produced such outstanding results”
Executive Director of ICSFS; Mr. Wael Malkawi
Record Breaking & Unmatched Results of ICS BANKS Application; High-watermark Benchmarking on Oracle Exadata Database Machine
Performed in August 2018, at Oracle’s UK Labs, ICSFS benchmarked its ICS BANKS software suite on Oracle Exadata Database environment. The benchmark covers both Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 12c and 18c.
A Successful Blockchain Proof of Concept (PoC) with Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB)
ICSFS has successfully completed the implementation of blockchain proof of concept (PoC), which was conducted at  Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB), one of Jordan’s leading investment and commercial banks, through ICS BANKS Blockchain Adapter between Amman Head Office and Cyprus Branch (Limassol).
Khartoum, Sudan: The Agricultural Bank of Sudan, the first national Sudanese bank and is wholly owned by the Government, has gone live on  ICS BANKS ISLAMIC.
IDC conducted interviews with ICSFS’ Executive Director;
Mr. Wael Malkawi and Chief Technology & Innovation Officer; Mr. Ghassan I. Sarsak discussing ICSFS’ cloud journey experience in their latest eBook.
Agile fintech players offering a range of services have built tremendous customer bases, taking business from the traditional banking network.
ICSFS Products: ICS BANKS Miscellaneous Charges System
The system is designed to assist and expand a financial institution’s way of handling charges or commissions, by generating customised processes that are personalised to the financial institution’s needs.
Oracle Impact, Amman
ICSFS joins Oracle Impact panel discussion to discuss the importance and benefits of ICS BANKS® Digital Banking platform.