Company Strategy

At ICSFS, we understand that the universal and retail banking industry is restructuring, producing a rich supply of information and services to customers. The relationship between banks and customers is changing rapidly, requiring innovative solutions. With increasing competition and unstable economic returns, financial institutions are now looking beyond existing traditional business models to identify profitable opportunities for the future.

We also understand that today we are banking on a smart planet, were financial institutions are obliged to connect with their customers ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. This is putting pressure on financial institutions and banks to open their infrastructure and push their services to bank and non-bank customers. This will in turn lead to challenges of scalability, performance, security and cost.

One of our main strategies is to maintain a strong relationship with our partners and customers, by continuous interactions via internal and external communications. As we embark the importance of building and preserving strong and lasting relationships with partners and customers throughout the organisation, as well as all external communications.

Our strengths are our professionalism, flexibility and superb technical skills. Our development approach ensures a rich spectrum of features in our software, ICS BANKS®, reflecting customers’ actual process and best practice. ICS BANKS® solutions are parameterised so clients can quickly put to use the features they need with minimal time, risk, effort and cost.