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ICS Financial Systems (ICSFS), part of the International Computer Systems (London) Ltd. group, is a leading provider of modular, core banking systems. ICSFS’ success can be attributed to our turnkey offering, ICS BANKS, that serves and supports customers across the globe. ICS BANKS is a fully integrated universal, banking application that deploys a solution and a range of professional services to automate and streamline banking services.

About Us

In 1978, ICS was founded in London, and established as a total system integrator by pioneers from the technology industry. ICS was engaged in many vertical markets, including: Financial institutions, health care, education and security expertise. In 1992, ICS explored upgrading its business design to become an independent software vendor. Based on its prior experience, ICS started developing a banking software application for real-time business processing.

In 2004, ICSFS emerged from holding company, ICS, to focus on the financial industry upon the rapid growth, demand and maturity of our ICS BANKS software. At ICSFS, we understand that the universal and retail banking industry is restructuring, producing a rich supply of information and services for customers. The old relationship among banks and customers is changing quickly, requiring innovative solutions. With increasing competition and unstable economic returns, financial institutions are now looking beyond existing traditional business models to identify profitable opportunities for the future.

Today, ICS BANKS, an open system that runs on the latest technology, addresses most banking requirements through one integrated solution maintained on one database, affording customers a 360 user-friendly experience. ICS BANKS, a flexible, multi-language-and-currency solution, focuses on infrastructure issues such as communication with an ability to be centrally implemented and distributed as a hybrid or a selected application.

Let ICSFS empower your bank with our technologically-advanced software to enhance your business and limit your risk.

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